Winkler not released Thursday; attorneys aim for Friday

The defense lawyer for a minister's wife charged with killing her husband said everyone is being cautious in the handling of the large bond on which she is being held.

Mary Winkler is charged with shooting husband Matthew Winkler at their Church of Christ parsonage on the morning of March 22nd in Selmer, a small town about 80 miles east of Memphis.

She has been behind bars since March 23rd, held in lieu of a $750,000 bond.

Defense lawyers announced they had a final agreement with a bonding company earlier this week, but McNairy County Circuit Court Judge Weber McCraw refused to approve the agreement pending a closer review.

Winkler's attorneys and her family worked yesterday on a new arrangement for bond, but it did not pass McCraw's inspection, either. McNairy County rarely, if ever, handles bonds as large as Winkler's.

Attorney Steve Farese said he was working on a new bond arrangement which could come together as early as Friday.

Farese said one of the bond companies her lawyers had been working with was recently disqualified for covering large bonds in the same judicial district but had regained its good standing.