Velsicol concerns addressed at community meeting

Many people shared more than a meeting room Thursday night.

They shared similar stories.

One said, "I have known people who have died."

Anther stated, "I lost two sisters with cancer in two months."

Concerned resident Arthur Ores says, "If you go from door to door on Meagher Street, everybody done lost somebody to cancer."

Arthur Ores has lived near Cypress Creek since 1968.

He blames Velsicol Chemical Corporation for health concerns.

Concerns he says will not be fixed by free food and fancy brochures.

Ores continues, "And all these meetings are just smoke screens."

Company officials have grown accustomed to the criticism.

"I would always like to be the good guy," continues Ores.

Velsicol VP Chuck Hanson has heard the concerns..But he says this meeting was about the clean-up plan...About Velsicol becoming a better corporate citizen...About righting the wrongs of the past...About getting rid of the toxic chemicals that have seeped from Cypress Creek into people's back yards.

Chemicals the company discharged into Cypress Creek decades ago.

Hanson continues, "And we believe although it's taken a long time, we can depend on the results--we can trust the results."

But Ores and others say a government-mandated clean-up won't clean-up their opinions of this chemical company.