Memphis airport travelers comment on terror threat

After several hectic hours, by Thursday afternoon, passengers at Memphis International seemed to get the message that the terror threat had been raised.

Traveler Judd Buzgul says, "There was an announcement made, actually, at the event I was at, and I had the news on for a little while."

A specific terror threat in England led to new rules and long lines at airports throughout the U.S.
No more liquids or gels allowed past checkpoints or on aircraft.

TSA Director Don Barker says, "Experienced travelers will be well adapted to this and not so experienced travelers may still be challenged by this."

And travelers can expect more challenges Friday.  At four AM Federal screeners will add another layer of security.

Barker continues, "We're going to screen every passenger at every gate in the airport before boarding an aircraft."

Regardless of where the aircraft is going to or coming from.  We asked international passengers, fresh off Northwest Airlines' only direct flight to Memphis from Europe, about this latest terror threat.

International traveler Poppy Seelbinder says, "I guess we were a little bit nervous but we just wanted to go ahead and come home.">

Though many off that plane told us they knew nothing about the threat until they landed here.

International traveler Jennifer Tate say, "I wouldn't have known anything was going on.  It was a very calm airport, no one was upset or hurried."

Though security officials say that could change with Friday's stricter screenings.