Judge changes his mind on release of minister's wife

Mary Winkler's attorney walked out of the courthouse at 3:45 Friday afternoon and made the first announcement of the day.

Farese says, "We do know that Mary Winkler will be released today. I can't tell you exactly when that will happen . But the work has been done."

It looked like the new bonding company had passed muster and could handle the 750-thousand dollar bond.

Then thirty minutes later Steve Farese Junior who was handling the case for his father made this announcement.

Farese continues, "We were notified ten minutes ago the bonding company Williams bonding that is issuing the bond for Mary's release has a problem that the judge didn't like. It is a problem with a previous bond from several years ago Mary will not be released today."

Action News Five got word from a source that Williams bonding had a problem similar to the one the first bonding company had.

It is not clear why this didn't come out before the judge approved the company. Someone may have tipped off the court.

Winkler's attorneys say they still think they can get the problems straightened out with the Williams bonding company and Winkler could get out of jail next week.

Mary Winkler's father left the court house without commenting and without his daughter.