Mother charged with child's death

Physical force--those are the words investigators are now using to describe how Joshua Burns received the injuries that led to his death.  They say it was not a fall down the stairs that killed the little boy, but his own mother's hands.

"He was a good baby you know happy," said his uncle, Demetrius Harris.

Once a happy, smiling baby, now the subject of a murder investigation.

The suspect? His mother, Carla Burns.

"I just wish, you know, I just wish it  wouldn't have happened to him, I miss my little nephew," said Harris, who is Carla Burns' older brother.

But exactly what happened Wednesday night still isn't clear.

"A little girl came a knocking on my door asking can we take her to the hospital because a little boy had fell down the steps," said neighbor Erica Nichols.

Nichols says her training as a certified nursing assistant immediately kicked in.

"I went over there, I took the baby from her cause they kept panicking, holding the baby around so I laid the baby down on the grass, I tried to do CPR on the baby, I wasn't doing it too hard, but I was trying ,the baby was trying to breathe on its own, a little bit," Nichols said.

Joshua was taken by helicopter to LeBonhuer Children's Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.  The Medical Examiner's Office found he died from blunt force trauma.

The news, leaving family members with even more questions about what went on inside Burns' apartment.

"Carla is a good mother she love her kids she wouldn't do nothing to hurt them," Harris said.

Carla Burns is behind bars at Jail East charged with murder in perpetration of aggravated child abuse.  She is awaiting a Monday court appearance.  Burns  has four other children ranging in age from 3 to 6, they are with relatives.