Airport lines moving faster after new security alert

In Memphis, security lines are already moving faster.
But those arriving said that wasn't the case in other airports.

Traveler Ann Duffy says, "An hour just to get through security so we got there over two hours early and just made our flight."

Some delays were attributed to Friday morning's doubling of security, meaning you may get checked in the security line and once again as you board.

Sabrina Glass says, "Before boarding they asked to search the purse and some people they asked to search their bags."
But, much to their surprise, not everyone we spoke with went through that second check.

Glass continues, "Never experienced a second check today or yesterday, I was not part of that."

According to the Transportation Safety Administration, the double checks are random. Certain flights will be targeted depending on where they're headed."

One thing we heard from everyone is that travelers seemed better prepared today for the tougher security restrictions.

Traveler Alan Smith says, "Everybody I guess was watching the news yesterday so I didn't see any problems with liquids or gels having to be removed."    
Airport officials say the problems in Memphis are minimal.