School bus accident alarms East Memphis resident

Stacey Armstrong says, "It's a dangerous spot."
And it's a regular route for school buses....our cameras caught several bus-loads of kids on their way home from class.
So when Armstrong saw a bus slip into the ditch in the 7400-block of Crestridge, it really scared her.

Armstrong continues, "There were no children on the Laidlaw bus that was doing a practice run for its city school route that begins next week.
Neither the bus driver nor the passenger was injured.
But a Laidlaw representative says the transport company will conduct an investigation.

After the buses back wheel lost traction you can see where it hit not one but two trees before it came to a rest here, in a ditch about three feet deep."

And Armstrong says this isn't the first time a vehicle has ended up like the bus!

Armstrong says, "The wheels of the car are very close to the edge of the road.  We have seen dozens of cars in this ditch."

Crestridge is a narrow road....with no shoulder to separate the white line and the ditch.
And the road appears to be crumbling.
People who live in the neighborhood would like the city to widen the road....but have been told Crestridge is not priority at this time.

"I think it's becoming more of a problem and more of issue, and it needs to be solved," continues Armstrong. 
Before any more cars end up like this bus.