Three teens recover from Thursday accident

A tree is the only casualty from the latest accident on Sandidge Road in Olive Branch.

Three girls were three cheerleaders from Olive Branch High School... And the wreck - that sent all three of them to the hospital - happened in Mallory Hargett's front yard -- literally.

Hargett says, "It sounded like something was hitting our house - like someone was throwing bricks at our house almost! It was that loud."
It's not the first wreck on the road - and unless something changes here - it likely won't be the last.
In this case, this wreck has brought this high school community together - on this web site, for example - as friends watch for news of the girls' recoveries.

What makes this intersection worse is the fact that there are two lanes coming westbound.

They merge into one at Blocker Street ... and cars fly through here like speed limits are just suggestions.
Shelby Hargett just got her drivers permit a few months ago.  She says the fact that this is a school zone doesn't stop people from driving...Way faster than they should.  And police agree.

Sandridge is a problem area - they say - because it's right by the high school - where high concentrations of new drivers test their limits.