Neighbors Take Aggressions Out on Old Car

Community members angry over the kidnapping, assault and shooting of a six-year-old girl paid to vent their frustration Saturday.

The drum of sledgehammers rang out in Abbeville, MS this weekend. The event was organized to benefit the family of a Marshall County girl abducted, abused, shot and left for dead late last month. Participants, sweaty from swinging sledgehammers at an old Ford Tempo told us "we're just trying to do something to help the family. That's what we felt like we needed to do."

Abbeville Bank put up the car and charged $5 a hit. Money raised will help pay the medical bills of the six-year old who is now recovering at home. "We decided to do a demolishing a car day," said one organizer. "You can get out all your energy on the car and meanwhile you're doing something worthwhile for the family and helping them out."

The six year old victim is now recovering at home. Action news 5's Kontji Anthony spoke with the girl's mother Saturday. The girl's mother says a full recovery could take six months to a year. She also wanted to thank the community for its overwhelming support.