Winkler expected to be released on bond Tuesday

After another day of waiting, Winkler's attorneys walked out of the McNairy County Courthouse Monday afternoon with looks of frustration on their faces.  Attorneys Leslie Ballin and Steve Farese spent most of Monday believing she would be released on her $750,000 bond.

"Mary Winkler will not be getting out of jail," Farese told the media, camped out for a fourth day outside the McNairy County Courthouse. "The judge wants to look at more paperwork."

After many ups and downs, Winkler's attorneys said they really believed she would be released Monday.  Winkler's car was parked next to the courthouse, and a friend brought her clothing to change into.

"We really thought she would get out today," said Ballin. "We had done the things we needed to make that happen."

Attorneys said they believed Winkler would be released on bail sometime Tuesday, and that they do not believe Judge Weber McCraw is stalling.  Rather, they said, he is going over bond paperwork one more time.  Meanwhile, Winkler remains behind bars.

Winkler is accused in the shooting death of her preacher husband Mathew in March, 2006.  Upon release on bond, it is believed she will stay with a former member of her family's church in McMinnville, Tennessee.