Police investigate drowing death of young child

A Memphis mother was at the center of a police investigation after her four-year-old daughter died Monday morning inside their home in the Warren Apartments on Clementine Road.

Inside apartment #4, police gathered evidence, while outside neighbors stared in disbelief. The child's grandmother, Verry Sims, tried to make sense of what little information she'd been given.

"They just said that the baby was in the tub, like my daughter tried to drown her or something," she said.

Four-year-old Keonnia Pratcher died at Lebonheur Children's Hospital.  A spokesperson said the child's death was the result of a drowning.

Memphis Police took Pratcher's mother into custody for questioning after the incident.  Sims said her daughter is schizophrenic, and was not taking her medication.  Police said the child's mother would not be charged until after Pratcher's autopsy report was complete.

"My daughter is a good mother," she said. "She takes real good care of her children.  She loves her children.  I know if she was still taking her medicine, nothing like this would've ever happened."

Sims said all she can do now is try to help her daughter, by taking care of her grandson.