Sheriff's deputy helps catch cousin criminals

It's a case Deputy Jay Wildermuth couldn't get out of his head -- a Mid-South teenager raped and robbed inside her Hickory Hill home.

Wildermuth says it all started two weeks ago...when he took a call from a 17-year-old girl who told him two men, cousins James and Quinton Isaac, approached her at knife-point

The sheriff's report describes how the men forced her inside her home...then allegedly took turns raping and robbing her!

Wildermuth states, "I had done burglaries and robberies before, but never anything like this."

The victim gave Wildermuth detailed descriptions of her attackers and the SUV they were driving.

For two weeks -- this deputy watched and waited.

On Saturday, he saw what he'd been looking for.

Wildermuth continues, "Just being in the right place at the right time."

Deputy Wildermuth happened to drive into this gas station on Shelby Drive and Hickory where he saw two men in a purple Chevy Tahoe -- much like the one described by the victim.

Wildermuth continues, "It kinda matched the description and I checked the tags out and I noticed the 06' sticker looked like it had been peeled from another vehicle."

He ran the tags and learned they were expired and belonged on another car.

That was enough to hold the Isaac men.

Investigators with the Sex Crimes bureau then moved in.

"You like to catch people who do things like that and that's what makes my job worthwhile," continues Wildermuth.

Now he'll wait to see what happens to the men when they go to court on Wednesday.