Collierville residents sound off about road construction project

The Town of Collierville calls the Wolf River Boulevard construction project progress.

Those who live in the Green Hills Subdivision say it's a big pain in the neck.

Resident Lisa Turner says, "Yes!  It's horrible."

When construction crews barricaded the East end of Shelton Road last week to make way for Wolf River Boulevard, it turned Green Hills to the South into a traffic jammed flood plain.

Turner continues, "It's back to back cars.  It's terrible."

Every morning and afternoon, through traffic from Shelton cuts through Green Hills.  
Hundreds of cars, many well over the 20 mile an hour speed limit.

Kristin Neal, who lives near the construction, says, "My kids cannot come out and play safely.  They have to play in the backyard.  If they want to go across the street to a friend's house now, I have to escort them personally, stop what I'm doing and take them outside."

After residents complained Collierville Police beefed up patrols, pulling over car after speeding car.
Residents say it's helped, but want the problem fixed.

When asked if the traffic trouble was a foreseen problem, Collierville City Engineer Matt Thomson says, "To a certain extent it was.  I don't think that the severity of the problem was anticipated."

Collierville's Town Engineer also said he hopes to have a short term solution by the end of the week.  Residents say the sooner the better.

Kristin Neal continues, "I hope somebody will listen here in Collierville and then get out here and fix it, because it's not safe for us anymore.  It's really not."

But town officials admit working out a long term solution could take months.