Police capture home invader after late afternoon man hunt

Ed Niemeyer returned home from the grocery store Tuesday...to find a man with demands in his driveway!

Niemeyer says, " 'He said, I want some money' and I said 'We ain't got any' so he said 'Let's go in the house."

Niemeyer says the suspect also demanded food and held him in his home with a butcher's knife for almost an hour.

Niemeyer continues, "The phone was right there and I just went over and hit 911 and he grabbed it right away and kept it, but he didn't shut it off."

Police responded immediately!

Sgt. Joe Griffin with Memphis Police says, "The suspect was encountered by police.  Shots were fired.  He did escape the scene."

Memphis Police say the suspect jumped into this drainage ditch.
They searched the two-mile ditch for six hours with the help of Public Works and search dogs...finding the butcher's knife along the way.
Police once spotted the suspect...but he hopped this fence.
After another half-hour of searching...the suspect surfaced while I was interviewing Sgt. Griffin!

One neighbor says, "Wait, this lady is trying to get my attention.  Ma'am?!"

The woman pointed to her garage.

Seargent Griffin drew his gun as the suspect crawled out of the woman's garage.
He detained the man as backup arrived.
Griffin says the man suffered a gun shot wound from the earlier clash with police.
An ambulance quickly rushed the suspect to the MED.