Attorneys request privacy for family as Mary Winkler moves to McMinnville

One sleepy rural city in northeast Tennessee is about to get a wake-up call.

The city is McMinnville.

And now, Mary Winkler is there.

One McMinnville resident says, "I was just hoping that she wouldn't but, that's life."

Another resident states, "I don't know unless she feels safe here or something like nobody will bother her."

When her lawyers walked her out of the McNairy County jail, the preacher's wife - and accused murderer - didn't lift her head.  Her lawyers spoke for her.  They explained the conditions of her release and made a request.

Winkler lawyer Steve Farese says, "We would ask specifically of all the press, not just the press here today, but the magazines, the newspapers, national press, to please respect her privacy as they have respected the privacy of the Winkler family."

Mary Winkler has lived in this community before.  Her husband was youth minister at this church and now she'll be praying here again.

She'll be working at this dry cleaner.

McMinnville Police say the City is ready.

Captain Brian Denton with McMinnville police says, "We've  talked with those people about a proactive approach we can do to maybe head off some potential problems.  Maybe if there's a disruption we can keep it at a minimum."

Winkler's lawyers promise she is not a danger to the community.  And that's good, because the judge is requiring that she stay here through her trial, unless she's visiting her lawyers or her children.