Neighborhood resident speaks about home invasion arrest

Dortha Parham is surprisingly calm for an 81 year old doll collector who had a good scare Tuesday afternoon. That's when police caught a home invasion suspect hiding out in Parham's garage.

Parham states, "Well, I'm not scared."

Parham continues, "He was there, and I didn't know it."

Parham typically leaves her garage door open a bit for her cats to go in and out.  When she knew a suspect might be loose in her neighborhood she went into the garage to lower the door slightly.

She noticed some items had been moved and her dogs noticed an unfamiliar scent.

Parham continues, "They all head their heads up this way sniffing the roof and then they sniffed the door."

Parham ran outside and called out to a police officer who was being interviewed by Action News Five reporter Kontji Anthony.

"I was trying to tell him he was in my garage," continues Parham.

Meanwhile the suspect was struggling to get out the same way he came in.

She states, "Out of my door and he said, Ma'am?  And I just went on inside."

That's when police moved in.

Police yelled, "Hey!  On your stomach!  On your stomach.  Lay on your stomach!"

Parham watched from her bedroom window till the coast was clear.

Parham continues, "And when I did two nice policeman walked up and said We got him we got him and I said you got him? Yea we got him."

It was a day Dotha Parham will never forget.  She says crime has become common in her neighborhood but its never hit quite so close to home.