Former University of Memphis Pitcher Wins Major League Debut

Former University of Memphis Pitcher Ryan O'Malley earns his First Major League victory Wednesday..

O'Malley, an emergency starter for the Chicago Cubs, is tested early against the Houston Astros..

He he nearly gets his head taken off by this line shot right back at him in the first inning...

Chris Burkes' shot ripped through the box gets him on base...

Luckily for O'Malley the ball hit off his glove and NOT his noggin..

He stays in the game..

None the worse for wear, O'Malley strikes out Chris Burke in the 5th...

His second career K after taking down 'stro's pitch Andy Pettitte in the first..

O'Malley throws 8-innings of shutout ball, then watches as Bob Howry preserves his victory with the save on the ground out..

Cubs Win and it's a shutout!

Final, 1-to-nothing.

During the post game interview, O'Malley gets the ceremonial Pie in the Face as his teammates celebrate his first Major League Win in his Big League Debut.