Flag serves as memorial for abused children

It's a solemn process each time the Shelby County Child Advocacy Center raises its Children's Memorial flag, because it means another child's life has been taken by abuse.

Nancy Williams heads up the Center.  For the last four years, she's seen the flag rise up the pole.  "It does make us question how we in the community are failing our children, she said.

According to Williams, the flag's design came from a sixteen year old girl in California who wanted to draw attention to the child abuse problem. "It shows something we think of as paper dolls but one of those is missing and that symbolizes the child that was lost," she said.

Tamara Love works for the Tennessee Department of Child Services, and often meets with the families of children that are killed. "It makes you wonder," she said, "and you questions the families, 'how did this happen? How did this happen?'"

The flag will fly for a week, then be brought back down, put away, and hopefully not seen for a long time.