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Man upset about condition of father's grave

Jim Gambill has been out to Forest Hill Cemetery a lot since his father, a retired mechanic and World War II veteran, died.  Gambill's father is buried there, and he said his loss is getting worse with time.

"It's inexcusable," he said as he looked at his father's grave. "Absolutely inexcusable."

Gambill called Action News 5 about a large hole at the foot of his father's grave.  He first saw it when he visited a week ago.

"Made a phone call to the office, they said they would fix this immediately," he said. "It has not obviously been done." 

Gambill said the cemetery never called him again about the hole.  It is big, and Gambill says that you can actually see the side of the casket liner.  A staff member told him that rain water and dirt settlement may be to blame.  But Friday morning, nothing had been done to patch the site. 

"My mom came out yesterday and saw it for the first time like this ,and she was very upset," he said.

The owners of Forest Hill Funeral Home and Cemetery have taken heat in recent weeks over thousands of claims they're not honoring pre-paid burial policies.

Friday afternoon, a spokesperson for the cemetery said they had no record of Jim Gambill's call from last weekend, but that they were taking care of the problem today.  She said graves settle, but the cemetery is typically quick to respond.

Gambill said he's tired of the broken promises and he still wants action.

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