Pro Serve employees speak out

The clean-up continues at Pro-Serve on Brooks Road. Three explosions in less than a week crippled the chemical plant. Now, employees are the ones fuming.

"You don't know which way to turn, what to do," says Charles Oliver.

Oliver has worked for Pro-Serve for more than a decade.

"I'd like the company to stand beside us and let us know what's going on so we can at least know if we're going to have a job," he adds.

He and others gathered at this union hall Friday afternoon. They were hoping the union would be able to help. Union officials only told us to leave! The door may have been closed on us, but employees say they're the ones who feel shut out.

"Well, I got four kids so you can imagine it's sad for me--got four kids to take care of," says employee Euronda Rice.

Action News 5 got someone on the phone from Pro-Serve who said we could find company officials at the plant. Someone there told us officials would be in a trailer on site. But our my knocks were unanswered. Employees who have watched their livelihood go up in flames hope the company hears them loud and clear.

"Help us cause we need our jobs," says one employee.

Their jobs, or at least some direction about where to turn. Employees hope their union can get some answers by Monday.