"Bandit" Helps Nab Suspected Bandit

The man Memphis police say robbed a Piccadilly Cafeteria Friday afternoon while Mayor Willie Herenton was inside is in custody thanks in part to a four-legged crime fighter.

"Bandit" is a squirrel hunter. He and his owner Gary Holmes live just a few doors down from the restaurant. When Holmes returned home Friday he found his dog Bandit barking up a storm in the backyard. Holmes told us he grabbed his rifle and ran to the backyard. He let Bandit lead him to a crawlspace underneath the house and when Holmes looked inside he saw a man staring back at him. Holmes said he kept his gun pointed at the man under the house until police arrived.

"I had no choice," said Holmes. "I had the gun in my hand and he was going to come out and I said you're not going nowhere. You stay right here until the police get here, because I thought he was trying to break into my house."

Police arrived within minutes. The man was taken into custody. Investigators believe he is the same man who held up the Piccadilly Friday. The suspect is locked up but has not been charged. Police told us they expect to file charges Sunday.