Bowers' attorney evaluating position after latest Waltz decision

On the same day Michael Hooks, Sr. pleaded guilty in his Tennessee Waltz case, Kathryn Bowers made an appearance of her own.

"I don't have any comments about anybody else concerning what's happening," she said Action News 5's Ursula Madden.
Bowers didn't want to talk about Michael Hooks Sr.'s admission of guilt, but her attorney, Bill Massey, admitted that the fate of others caught up in the Tennessee Waltz Corruption Scandal, including the conviction of former state senator Roscoe Dixon and that guilty plea from Hooks, could factor into the Bowers decision.

"We are always continually evaluating our position," Massey said, "particularly in light of everybody else, and in light of the discovery that we have, and we'll make a decision in Senator Bowers best interests."
There was no guilty plea in federal court from Bowers, at least not at a status conference Monday in Federal Court.
Massey said he has reviewed all the evidence in the case, and asked Judge Daniel Breen for a two week extension, which was granted.  But when the judge asked US Attorney Tim Discenza if he wanted to set a trial date, Discenza said there was no need.

"He didn't want the court to set a trail date and reserve a spot right now," Massey said. "We're still in the report phase."
Whether Bowers goes to trial, or if she decides to change her plea to guilty, she said physically, she's taken a beating.  "This overall ordeal has really taken a serious toll on my health," she said Monday.  "I'm sure that whenever all of this is over, that I'll be able to spend a little time thinking about what I will do for Kathryn Bowers, in terms of my health."
Massey said Bowers is a strong lady, but said a case of this magnitude would take a toll on anyone.