Residents question roofing situation at their apartment complex

All they want is a decent roof over their heads.  But some who live at the Laurel Park Apartments in Walls, Mississippi say they don't have it.

"It's a mess, I don't know what the problem is or why they're still up," says resident Vera Tipton.

She's talking about bright blue tarps, which some residents say have been up for months.  We didn't see a roof without one.  They're easy to see from busy Highway 61.

"They got a new property manager, so I don't know if that's the situation," says Tipton.

All many here say they know for sure is that the tarps have been up too long.

"I mean, it makes the whole complex look bad," says resident Marti Byrd.

Residents are also worried about leaks and other problems.  They say they haven't seen anyone working since the tarps first went up.  On-site managers told us to leave when Action News 5 went looking for answers.  In fact, they called the police on us.  But we still have questions, as do residents, who say they pay $600 a month.

"My lease is up in October, so I'll probably be looking for somewhere else to go," says Tipton.

She wonders if these blue tarps will be gone by then.  Action News Five tracked the apartment complex ownership to a company called Ambling Management out of Atlanta.  An Ambling spokesman in Jackson, Mississippi never returned our calls.