Paramedics come to baby's rescue

Shelby County Mayor AC Wharton, Rescue 66 firefighters and Rural Metro paramedics had a special gift for one baby boy after a close call.

Christina Johnson's midwife was out of town when she felt contractions.  Her husband, Percival, rushed home from work and called 911 when he noticed problems.

Paramedics sometimes deliver 911 babies, but this time, a Shelby County Fire Department rescue unit was the closest emergency crew.  To add fuel to the fire, they had a dangerous delivery on their hands.  The baby was coming out upside down.

When Rescue 66 arrived at the home just outside Raleigh, the baby was half way out.

The unit worked fast and was able to bring the baby around.  So this time, the firefighters witnessed the miracle of life and not the mourning of loss that so often comes with their jobs.

Rescue 66 is an elite, special operations unit.  Mayor Wharton says with results like this, he'd like to see even more cross-training.