Radio advertisements for local attorney cause controversy

A pair of local radio advertisements meant to catch listeners' attentions are getting a bad rap with a local anti-violence group.  Mary Cole Nichols of the Memphis YWCA was furious when she heard the radio advertisement for local attorney T. Flowers.

"Shame on him," she said. "Shame on him."

Nichols, who fights domestic violence daily, said the radio ads are offensive.  "I found him in the bed sleepin wit my best friend," a person in the ad raps. "I went and grabbed his glock. Couldn't stop. Oh my god, somebody call T. Flowers. I'm about to catch a charge."

The ads are currently airing on Memphis radio station "Hot 107."  Flowers told Action News 5 the ads are meant to inform potential clients of their rights.

"I think that by not talking about the problem, we disservice individuals who find themselves in that situation," he said. "We deprive them of information about legal representation." 
According to Nichols, domestic violence ad is defenseless, as is another that talks about getting someone off a drug charge.  "Anybody that's advertising 'don't worry about it, I'll get you off' is a serious step backwards," she said. "We are trying to elevate the consciousness of the community to stop this kind of stuff."
Flowers said his ads are designed to attract attention, and are geared toward a specific audience.

"Individuals process things through pop culture. We're trying to use that same vehicle to disseminate legal representation to them," he said.
Nichols said she wants the ads pulled, and plans to talk with Flowers, who indicated the ads will continue to play.