Horn Lake puts on the pressure with Operation Summer Heat

Horn Lake is working hard to keep neighborhoods clean with Operation Summer Heat.  After only five minutes on patrol with code inspector Danny Smith, he was able to point out homes where debris can be seen from the driveway, lawns need to be mowed, and cars are parked in illegal places.

"Like this vehicle here," Smith said, pointing to one parked in a yard. "Whether it is running or not, the violation here is parking in the yard."

From non-working cars to tall grass, neighbors like Christie Treadway are fed up.  Treadway said her next door neighbor moved out of his home months ago, and the grass hasn't been cut.

"It's very aggravating because of mice problems and stuff like that," she said. "Since they moved out, we've killed about 15 mice."

Code inspectors in Horn Lake say complaints from homeowners like Treadway is one of the reasons they launched Operation Summer Heat.  So far,  30 violators have pleaded guilty to code violations in city court and paid fines.  However, inspectors say, not every resident has obeyed the call to clean up.

"We are not out to pound on people," Smith said, "but we get a lot of serious calls every day.  Complaints, and that's the thing...everybody wants their neighborhood to look good."

Horn Lake inspectors say their goal of making neighborhoods look good is the reason they plan to keep up their crackdown on eyesores through the end of October.