Hunt Back on Tigers

Tiger Coach John Calipari spoke out Tuesday night about the University of Memphis' decision to reinstate embattled basketball star Jeremy Hunt!

Last season Hunt spent more time in the courtroom than on the court...

Coach Cal says Hunt came to him about a month ago and asked him to consider being re-instated.

Calipari then took the matter to athletic director RC Johnson, and University President, Shirley Rains, and together they agreed Hunt had made amends for his mistakes.

Hunt had been kicked off the team last year after 2 off-court incidents.

In 2005, a former girlfriend pressed charges that he slapped and kicked her.

The issue was eventually resolved with a "judicial diversion" - or probation.

Hunt was given a warning from Calipari at that time but not kicked off the team....

Not until he was involved in scuffle with a bouncer on Beale Street before last year's season.

Calipari gave him the boot then, although Hunt remained close to the program, regularly showing up at practice and weight lifting sessions.

He followed up with his school work as well, graduating from the University of Memphis a couple of weeks ago.

Caliapri says that's the main reason he's back on the team.

Calipari likened the decision to a father dealing with his children.

He felt Hunt more than made up for his mistakes and deserved another chance.

Hunt will have one year of eligibility left, but it's unknown if he will even be able to play at a high level after suffering 2 A-C-L injuries earlier in his career.

Calipari says he expects Hunt to play with the same reckless abandon he's always shown.

He says Hunt should not have to play as many minutes with players already the roster like Chris Douglas Roberts, Antonio Anderson and Doneal Mack.

The 6'4" Hunt was a key part of the Tigers N-I-T SemiFinal drive in 2005 before tearing his ACL in a quarterfinal game against Vanderbilt.