Fans question whether or not reinstatement of Hunt is fair

The University of Memphis' decision to reinstate basketball star Jeremy Hunt continued to dominate talk Wednesday among Tiger fans.

Hunt was kicked off the team last year after two off-court incidents.  The most serious occurred when a former girlfriend pressed charges against Hunt, claiming he slapped and kicked her.  Later, he was involved in a scuffle on Beale Street.  After that incident, Tiger Head Coach John Calipari booted Hunt off the team, "permanently".
Tuesday night, Calipari welcomed Hunt back to the team.  "In all these situations, all I think about is being consistent and being fair," he said.

After Calipari's comments, many fans were left wondering if the decision was fair, and if the university has a definitive policy regarding suspension or dismissal.

"We said, 'you were dismissed, so you're dismissed.  We're not going to reconsider.'  Well, we did reconsider," Calipari said Tuesday.

Curt Guenther, Communications Director for the University of Memphis, said the school does have a policy in place regarding conduct and the criminal justice system for student athletes.  The policy was put in place after Hunt was charged with misdemeanor assault last year.  However, the policy does not apply to reinstatement.  It is up to coaches and administration to make that decision.