Commission committee debates bus terminal lawsuit

Shelby County Commissioners discussed a possible lawsuit regarding the $20 million FedExForum MATA bus terminal at a committee meeting Wednesday.

The FedexForum is a arena built on lies and cover ups, according to Shelby County Commissioner John Willingham.

Willingham, who has criticized the Fedex Forum project for years, with its missing bus terminal and sixth floor, maintained to commissioners Wednesday that taxpayers got an inferior arena, and not what they paid for.

"We're gone. Eight of us are gone from this commission, and whether anybody will go forward with the investigation to find out, I don't know."

Willingham referred to the fact that Monday will be the commission meeting for himself and seven other commissioners who will leave the board after the August election.

"All the deals have been cut, and the building is built, and the taxpayers got shafted," said Walter Bailey, who won't be returning for another term.

Newly elected commissioner Steve Mulroy took a cautious approach when talking about the council's next action regarding the controversy. "There are an awful lot of issued to be considered," he said. "It seems like an awful lot of material to go through, and its the kind that will have to be studied before we decide what, if anything, we will do about the FedExForum.

Mulroy said he has learned that as a commissioner, he will have to be more vigilant.

Monday, the full commission is scheduled to vote on whether to go ahead with the lawsuit over the MATA bus terminal that was never built. It will be the final meeting for the eight outgoing commissioners.