Apartment complex owners agree to replace roofing

Action News Five first told you about a bunch of tarp-covered roofs on Monday.  The people who live at the Laurel Park Apartments in Walls, MS told us the tarps have been up for months.  They're not atop a few roofs, but every one!

"My lease is up in October, so I'll probably be looking for somewhere else to go," said one resident.

When Action News 5 went looking for answers, on-site managers called the cops!

Their bosses never called Reporter Jason Miles back.  Finally, an executive with the company that owns the complex saw our original story on wmctv.com.  He agreed to do an interview over the phone from his office in Jackson, Mississippi.

"There's no doubt it's an eyesore," says Drew Laster.

Laster says his company, Ambling Management, bought Laurel Park in January.  A windstorm blew through in April.

That's when he says the roofs were damaged.

"And the insurance company, the adjusters had to do their claims and it's just taken longer than we anticipated to get everything together," says Laster.

Two days after our story aired, Laster says his company will remove the tarps and completely replace every roof.

"We hope to start that, probably in the next two weeks," says Laster.

That should be welcome news to the folks at Laurel Park.  By the way, Laster says completely replacing the tarps will cost some $300 thousand.