Memphis police use new technology to perform duties

All 12-hundred Memphis police officers now carry P-D-As for writing traffic tickets and so much more.

Officer Robert Dean with the MPD PDA project says, "You can look at prior arrest records. You can look at drivers license information. You can hit anything you can imagine hitting. Anything!"
The software designer says police reports are now filed in a matter of minutes rather than the old paperwork system which sometimes took days.

Andre Yelland with Data Driven says, "...It speeds things up an awful lot. It allows them to write everything from the field rather than having them go back into the car or back into the precinct and fill out the paper report."
Memphis officers average 300-thousand hits a month on the N-C-I C, the F-B-I's National Crime Information Center. The software designer says before P-D-As, officers called police radio dispatchers for background checks. They could only do a fraction of the research now available via P-D-A! Even so, some veteran officers shied away from the new technology.

Dean continues, "...When they first come in, it was oh man, I don't want to do this. I don't even know how to cut a computer on."

But after a 3 days class and a few weeks packing a P-D-A, Officer Dean says patrolmen wonder how they worked without the handy helpers.