Brick attack victim speaks out about crime

Two months after a brutal brick attack, Paula Fowler's hand is still swollen.

"It was a very vicious attack," she said.  So vicious that Fowler and her son were in critical condition when police found them in a bloody upstairs bedroom.   It was father's day, and Fowler said she had just returned home when a man jumped out from behind a closet door and started hitting her and her son...

"As soon as I laid my son down, I was struck in the head with a rock," she said.  Fowler said she was hit 15 to 20 times. 
Tuesday investigators charged James Edward Todd with the attack.  According to an arrest report, Todd claimed that Fowler's estranged husband Charles Fowler put him up to the attack before committing suicide. Paula Fowler said she suspected her husband from the beginning.

"I felt my husband was involved at that point cause I had been threatened earlier," she said.

Fowler said she and her husband, a West Memphis police officer, had been having marital problems.   She's still shaken, and a this warning for others involved in on going marital disputes:

"If a man threatens you, I wouldn't take it lightly," she said.

Now, Fowler and her son continue to put their lives back together. James Edward Todd will face attempted murder and aggravated assault charges tonight.