State says Ford has not complied with child support court orders

An attorney for John Ford argued in juvenile court Thursday against allegations made by the state that Ford has not complide with child support related court orders.

Ford is accused of owing as much as $50,000 in back child support to a North Carolina woman.  Ford is supposed to pay $1,900 dollars a month to the woman but, in March, 2005 Ford petitioned the court to have that amount reduced.

In Juvenile Court Thursday, an attorney for the State of Tennessee said Ford has not complied with court orders to prove that he can't pay the support.  Attorneys for the state said Ford has not disclosed all income tax forms, and hasn't made it clear how much he pays in child support for all his other children.  Attorneys also alleged the day Ford asked for the reduction he purchased a new BMW for as much as $80,000.

Ford's attorney said he is getting all tax forms together, and that the BMW was in Ford's name but that his daughter is paying the $900 dollar a month note.  Ford has contended his income fell sharply after he was indicted in Tennessee Waltz and resigned his position as Senator.

John Ford did not appear in Juvenile Court but his attorney was there.  Neither Ford's attorney nor an attorney for the state would speak to the media.  All are expected back in court in early September when the judge is expected to make a decision.