Sources say Village Roadshow Pictures may be considering move to Memphis

A tip from the Memphis Daily News, confirmed by Action News 5, says a major motion picture company is considering a move to Memphis.  You've seen their logo on the silver screen, before such movies as Oceans 12, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the Matrix Trilogy.  Now, sources say Village Roadshow Pictures, a partner of Warner Brothers Entertainment, is considering Memphis for a sound studio and production company.

"If there's a possibility of it being a sound stage, that's good news, because there's a lot of people here who need work and there are really no viable sound stages in middle America," said Memphis writer and director Craig Brewer. "That's why everyone is going to Canada."

Sources tell Action News 5's Janice Broach The Pyramid is a possibility for Village Roadshow's plans.  Brewer used the arena to shoot part of his upcoming film Black Snake Moan, and said it would have to be retrofitted to be properly used.
Lynn Sitler of the Memphis Film, Tape, and Music Commission said me a company using The Pyramid would have to do a lot of work, and the utility bills would be high.  Plus, the arena may not be available...Bass Pro Shops has signed a letter of intent for a mega store, hotel and restaurants in the empty building.

In recent weeks, questions have arisen about Bass Pro's commitment to using the building.  The retailer announced its interest earlier this year, but little movement has been seen since.

Brewer said if Village Roadshow comes to Memphis, it would be a "huge deal" and would mean a lot of jobs.  A spokesperson in the company's Los Angeles office had no comment Thursday about the possible move.