Bartlett police to request city leaders for more officers

Bartlett is a booming city struggling to maintain its small town feel.

That's a blessing and a curse according to Bartlett Mayor Keith McDonald.

McDonald says, "A lot of good things have come but with all the good things always come bad guys."

There have been 23 burglaries in Bartlett this year. Mostly at commercial business like restaurants, dollar stores, and an auto parts store.  There were 24 in ALL of last year.

Since the most recent annexation, Bartlett's population has grown 10 percent and they've acquired several more miles of land.  But police say in the last two and a half years, 80 percent of their arrests have been of people who don't even live in the city limits.

Where are the criminals coming from?

McDonald continues, "We have 10 miles of Memphis border."

Bartlett Police chief Mark Hopper says, "I don't know if its because we live next door to the 8th most violent city in the United States that is a factor I'm sure."

Whatever the reason, police chief Mark Hopper needs more help.  Next month he'll ask the city to increase his budget by 200 thousand dollars.  It would pay for 11 new hires to add to his current staff of 90 officers.
Hopper continues, "Our goal is to make our ratio 2.25 officers per thousand people."

"Wherever you live nowadays there are challenges, that's society... but they're no greater in Bartlett," continues Hopper.

And with Memphis crime as a motivator, Bartlett officials are getting their ducks in a row to fight the war on crime!