Parents left wondering what happened to children's school bus

Devin and Derrian Ryan are two of the 23-thousand Shelby County school students who catch a bus every morning...Well, most mornings.
Thursday their bus never showed.

Parent Bridgette Ryan says, "I was very surprised.  I mean it's not something that you'd think would happen."

More than a dozen children and their parents left waiting on a corner.

Parent Anita Gates says, "I was sitting in the car waiting, I had to be at work at 9-30 and it's like 9-10 and I'm like the kids are still outside."
Still at the bus stop ten minutes after the bell rang at Bailey Station Elementary.
Listen to the reason why.

Ryan states, "They just forgot.  That's what we were told."

School District officials blamed it all on a sub.

Mike Tebbe with Shelby County schools says, "Certainly today with a substitute driver we do apologize for the inconvenience that might have caused."

For parents this goes well beyond just an inconvenience especially since they say, on the days the bus does show up, it's usually 25 to 30 minutes late.

Ryan continues, "I need to feel confident that my child is going to be picked up around the time he's supposed to.  I need to know nothing is going to happen to them."

Tebbe states, "I have talked to the director of transportation, and hopefully this is a situation we can rectify."

Parents want the situation fixed fast!

"We need to feel confident and right now we don't," Ryan says.

Still...they hope the bus will show up in the morning.