Memphis BBQ legend says 911 response is recipe for disaster

A screen removed...a window didn't take Chuck Hauer long to figure out what was going on...

Hauer says, "...Somebody's in my house."

Hauer grabbed his gun and ran right into the intruder.

Hauer continues, "I got a gun on him holding it with my left hand, and I call 911 for police and they say line busy...but don't hang up."

Hauer says he waited then hung up and called again.

"The same thing happened... busy 911...I really felt helpless," continues Hauer.

He finally got through.

Hauer told dispatchers, "I just found a thug in my house right now...I got him...send police immediately."

Hauer thought he heard a car pull into his driveway and when he turned to look, the burglar bolted.

When police did arrive, they had weapons drawn and he ended up in handcuffs!

Hauer told police, "I live here, I'm the one that called you guys, I'm Chuck...I own Chuck's barbecue..."

Hauer says, "I was treated worse than the thug."

Inspector Lawrence Jamison says 9-1-1 dispatchers told his officers they were responding to a disturbance between two men, one of whom was armed.

Jamison says had officers known it was a homeowner versus a burglar, they would have responded differently.

"All we can do is apologize to Mr. Hauer," says Jamison.

Apologies for a communication system, that Hauer says failed him one too many times in one day.