Local restaurant owner takes a walk down memory lane

On Humes and Elvis Presley...there's a building for sale...the owner is retiring.

Anna Hamilton says, "This is the last time."

It's the last time Anna Hamilton will walk into her restaurant.

When asked whether or not she will cry, Hamilton responds,"Yeah, several times I'm sure."

Tears fill her eyes because this has been her life for 16-years working 6..sometimes 7 days a week.
"I'll miss the people, the customers," continues Hamilton.

Everywhere you turn...you'll see him. 
On the walls, tables, he's even hanging from a ceiling fan.

And recently, she gave it all back holding an auction of Elvis memorabilia.
She raised about 6-thousand dollars.  A thousand of it went to her and Elvis' alma mater, Humes Middle School...Elvis - Class of '53...Anna Class of '65.

When asked if she had a little crush on Elvis, Hamilton responds, "Oh, I don't think there's a girl who didn't have a crush on Elvis."
No more steaks, no more customers, no more long hours.  Only memories.

Anna has left the building.