Rumors fly about local elementary school teacher

You hear a lot of different things on the street corners of Halls Tennessee.

The hot topic in Halls Friday....a 4th grade teacher from the local elementary school.

A Lauderdale County investigator says, "It's been suggested that there was some sexual contact."

Sheriff's investigators admit they've heard the allegations the female teacher was at one time romantically involved with a 14 year old male...a junior high school student who has since graduated.

Clay Newman with the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department says, "We have not received a formal complaint from the school board or the parents and we checked with the local police investigators and they have not received a complaint"

Lauderdale County School school superintendent Phillip Jackson confirmed that the teacher in question resigned from her position here at Halls Elementary.  And he added that any information pertaining to the case would be passed on the proper authorities.

Word has traveled but hadn't yet reached this mother of three elementary school students.

Parent Kelly Mandiola says, "That's scary, terrible wow I didn't know"

And even before the case hits a courtroom, residents here are assuming the rolls of judge and jury.

Parents say, "She should be punished to the fullest...She should get whatever's coming, that's not right."

Until then unanswered questions are giving this tiny town, something to talk about.