Calvin Williams gets court date

Calvin Williams walked into the federal building and into court.  A judge set his trial date for November 6th on extortion and bribery charges.

"I'm looking forward to it's a beautiful sound. I'm looking forward to being vindicated. Hey that's a good date for me," he told Action News 5's Janice Broach outside the courthouse.

Williams served as the Shelby County Commission chief of staff for five years.  He's accused of accepting bribes for political favors. Prosecutors say Williams took a $1500 bribe when he worked for the Commission.

He says his trial won't end up like Roscoe Dixon's.  Dixon was convicted in one of the Tennessee Waltz cases in June on federal bribery charges.

Williams says he won't be convicted.  "I'm confident. Why? I have not committed a crime."

Now, Williams, a Republican, is hinting at possible conflicts in the U.S. Attorney's office, saying he was originally lured into that party by David Kustoff, the U.S. Attorney himself. Although, Kustoff was not U.S. Attorney when Williams was indicted.

"Mr. Kustoff was and still is a friend of mine. He's fine upstanding  person in the community and he'll do what's best for the government. Just as I will do what's best  for me," he said.

Kustoff's office had no comment.  Still, Williams' talk about conflict is still just talk.  A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney's office pointed out that Williams hasn't filed any motion making that claim and they won't respond until he does.