Two Arrested for Four Crimes in Four Days

A string of violent carjackings, including one rape, struck a cord with Memphis Police. "Any time you commit a carjacking, an armed carjacking and especially when you take somebody's humanity by sexually assaulting them, then you're the most vile of the vile," commented Lieutenant Darren Goods of the Memphis Police Robbery Bureau.

The lieutenant says Joe Loyd and Marcus Smith robbed and carjacked a woman at gunpoint for her Jeep Cherokee outside the Huey's on Madison. He says Lloyd then raped her. However, that's just one of four violent crimes Memphis Police believe the suspects pulled off this month. "These guys were very violent and we're lucky that we at least got these two off the streets," Lt. Goods said.

One day before the Madison incident, police say two gunmen robbed a woman appraising a house on the 1900 block of Foster. They made off with her Jeep Cherokee and other personal items. Now, investigators are working to link the suspects to two other robberies. "We're not sure exactly how many they may be responsible for, but we are continuing to investigate," said the lieutenant.

While the woman on Foster survived the carjacking without injury, police believe the duo may have pistol whipped a man at the Exxon gas station on the 51-hundred block of Poplar while attempting to carjack a couple, yet again for a Jeep Cherokee.

The two men are also suspects in a carjacking of yet another woman for a Honda Accord outside Celtic Crossing on Cooper. She was not injured.

Police say the two men could face more charges for other crimes and they're eyeing other suspects, so there could be more arrests.

They want you to call Crimestoppers at (901) 528-CASH if you know anything that could help the case.