Memphis police investigate Mid-town pet store robbery

The Mid-town PETCO played host to a Hollywood-style heist.
Memphis police say two armed gunmen --backed up by a lookout and a getaway driver-- stormed the store Saturday night.
Police call it a brave move, but not a bright one.

Sgt. Vince Higgins with the Memphis Police Department said, "Let's face it.  Criminals by nature are just not as smart as we would like for them to be.  If they were, they wouldn't be doing the crimes in this first place."

Still police say this crime was well planned.  The gunmen forced five employees and two customers into a back room then robbed them.
I got one of those customers on the phone.  She didn't want us using her name, but told us what she saw.

The customer states, "It was pretty scary looking rifle.  But she was waiving it around and talking on the phone.  And she seemed very uncertain of what she was doing, but she was carrying a gun so we didn't argue with her."

Despite all the drama, police say the crooks made off with only a few hundred buck and a couple cell phones.

Police tell Action News Five the crime seemed risky without an awful lot of reward which leads them to wonder what the criminals may have in store next."

Especially since the robbers also took the surveillance video with them.

Higgins continues, "They're trying to get better at what they do."

Possibly using the pet store as practice for a more lucrative target.