Democratic party leaders respond to Bowers resignation

Kathryn Bowers made a surprise announcement Monday afternoon that she's resigning for medical reasons.

The veteran state senator said her decision had nothing to do with charges she took bribe money.

Now, Democratic party leaders have less than a month to find her replacement.
TaJuan Stout-Mitchell serves the city council in State Senator Kathryn Bowers' district.

She says it will be no easy task to fill Bowers' shoes.

"We do need strong representation to ensure that laws are in place to really show mercy when mercy is needed, but show swift justice when it is needed," said Stout Mitchell.

With Bowers' resignation effective this Friday, the Shelby County Commission has the power to appoint an interim senator.

However, with the legislature out of session, the State Division of Elections says it wouldn't be necessary.
So, the Shelby County Democratic Party Executive Committee takes over.

"It's my understanding a portion of the executive committee has the right and the authority to appoint a person to run, but that right ends at 40 days prior to the election which is November 7th," explained Democratic Party Executive Committee Member Howard Richardson.
The committee is not throwing around any names yet.  However, Steve Webster, the runner-up in the Democratic Primary against Bowers, is very interested.

"I think it's good to reach out to let people know that even though we placed second in a race of four, we're still interested in representing the constituents in District 33," said Webster.
With the general election quickly approaching, executive committee members say they need to get on the fast track to find the right candidate.  Candidates running for other offices may not be eligible for consideration.