City schools examine security policy after fights

The Memphis City School District will continue to evaluate its security policies after a series of fights involving over a dozen students Monday at Craigmont High School.  The fight resulted in ambulances, police, and firefighters filling the parking lot at Craigmont, a scene MCS does not want repeated at any school this year.
"We added additional Memphis police officers and additional security officers from Memphis City Schools, to ensure that the school was well covered today," said Renee Malone, spokesperson for the district.

Malone said school security officials followed the school's plan on how to deal with large fights during the Craigmont incident.

"They know that they need to give the students verbal warnings," Malone said.  "Several of those first, in an effort to get the crowd to disperse.  If that doesn't work, in extreme cases, they need to use non-lethal weapons like pepper spray."

The district already had plans to double the number of on-site security officers before Monday's fight.  Plans have also been made to hire adult hall monitors at every high school.

"We want as many eyes on the students as possible during those peak times, like passing period, arrival, dismissal, and even after school, walking school grounds," Malone said.

The school hopes with more adults watching, less violence will be likely to occur.

Students detained in Monday's fight at Craigmont are currently in the custody of their parents..  The district is waiting for a complete investigation before handing out punishments, but officials say some students will not be allowed to return.