Hurricane Katrina survivors rebuild in Memphis

One year after Hurricane Katrina came ashore, evacuee Connie Williams was moving into her new home Tuesday.  She and her husband Nathan left New Orleans before the storm hit and the levees broke, flooding their east New Orleans home.

"We had a suitcase with three changes of clothes in it," Williams said. "That's all we had."

After the storm, holed up in a Memphis hotel with nearly 60 of her family members, Williams began making calls.

"I called God first," she said. "My first call was to my pastor and my church." 
World Overcomers helped the couple with money and shelter, and eventually they were able to secure a loan through the Small Business Administration to build a house in Southeast Memphis.
Since Katrina, the couple has been back to their New Orleans neighborhood.  One year later, they say it looks the same, littered with empty houses.  Still, a few of their relatives have moved back. 
"Just looking at the people you can tell the strain that its takes on them," Williams said. "You never forget in your mind what happened."

And because they can't forget what happened one year ago after Hurricane Katrina, Connie and Nathan will call Memphis home, and New Orleans will be a place to visit.