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Parents feel little sympathy for suspects

The four teenage suspects charged in the robbery of a Petco retail store on Poplar Avenue appeared in court Wednesday morning.  It was clear from the beginning, the parents of the four suspects had no sympathy for their children.

Parent Sharon Ceason said she was a mother filled with tough love.  "She was wrong," Ceason said of her daughter Angela. "She was dead in the wrong.  She had a choice, and she made the wrong choice."

When Ceason learned her daughter was wanted for robbing the Petco with her cousins, she took action.  "Me and her came downtown," Ceason said  "I told her to cooperate with police 100%."

Angela and her three cousins, Toriano Henry, Anterio Hampton, and Timothy Hampton, are each being held on $1 million bond.  They are accused of robbing the store, and holding employees and customers hostage.  The four, now in jail together, were raised together, and their parents thought they were on the right track.

The family is no stranger to violence.  Their cousin, Mario Hampton, was murdered in March.

"Mario got killed, and I thought threat would make them want to do greater things," said Tanya Fitzpatrick, mother of one of the students.  While the parents say they love their children, they don't want people to mistake their support for sympathy.

 "All I want her to know is I'm there for you," Ceason said, "but you do the crime, you do the time."

It was tough talk from parents who's children could face tough times.  Family members said their sympathy is with the victims of the robbery.

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