Blytheville residents targeted by check scam

Police in Blytheville, Arkansas, are investigating a check scam that is arriving in the mailboxes of local residents.

One such letter arrived for Laura Young's teenage daughter last week.

"My first though was, 'We won!'" she said.

According to the letter, Young's daughter had won a $250,000 Canadian lottery prize.  All she had to do to get the prize, it said, was deposit an enclosed check for $4,600 into her bank account, and then send that amount of money back as a tax payment for her huge cash prize.

When Young checked with authorities, she found out her family is just the latest target in a check scam that's claiming victims all around the Mid-South.

"A person is taken when they cash these checks because they are no good they are counterfeit checks," said Det. Bobby Trump of the Blytheville Police Department.  Trump is investigating a dozen such scams in the Blytheville area.  Trump said the biggest scam he's investigated so far involved a man who ended up losing $5,000.

Young was thankful tonight she discovered the scam before she lost money, and had a warning for others who get similar checks in the mail:

"Be careful," she said. "Really be careful.  Money is hard to come by."

Young and police say if a check comes to your house that is too good to be true, it probably is.