Fugitive Squad Asking for E-mail Tips

These days just a click can lead to a catch.

Shelby County's Fugitive Squad posts men and women wanted in the Mid-South on the sheriff's office website.

It's public information. "This website allows you to go on, you can run your neighborhood, your zip code, your street," says Randy Neely of the Fugitive Squad.

If you see someone you recognize you can e-mail officers at the Fugitive Squad and no one has to know. "You can secretly search for wanted people and then it'll prompt you to a way to leave tip information for us."

The more specific you are the more likely the squad is to haul in that fugitive.

"Addresses are probably the single most important thing," says Neely. "Not for the day, not for an hour. I need to know pretty much where he's going to be laying his head at night."

Where he lays his head at night or where he makes his money in the daytime. "If he has a job he's probably going to go to his job and we'll go there. We're not too ashamed to take a man off his job."

A fugitive off the job, off our streets and into handcuffs.  and off the streets.

All the information you provide the fugitive squad is anonymous.

If you want to leave your contact information you can but you are not required to do so.