Local leaders awaiting rewrite of club regulations

If the Black Tail Shake Joint tried to get a business permit today, it would be a lot tougher. Back in May, the county temporarily stopped issuing adult business permits to give an out of town consulting firm time to evaluate the county's zoning laws. Here we are months later and that report hasn't materialized.

When a consulting firm found adult clubs in Shelby County some of the least law abiding in the country, city and county lawmakers asked for help in rewriting the way those clubs are regulated.  Months later they're still waiting.

County commissioner Joyce Avery says, "This is something that's so important to Shelby County."

Avery says the firm Duncan and Associates out of Texas began an overhaul of all city and county zoning laws 8 months ago.  In May they began focusing on adult businesses.

Avery continues, "Nothing has come in front of the commission so actually we are waiting for a report to come in to us."

A local group working to preserve community values is hoping the results are in soon.

George Kuykendall with Citizens for Community Values says, "Is that an unreasonable amount of time in your opinion.  Well if they do a good job no, but there's no reason to think that won't do a good job."

Officials at the office of planning and development tell us the Texas based consultants conducting the study will be here in town next week but they won't be bringing the report with them.

A draft IS expected before the end of September.

Kuykendall continues, "And the whole process of how someone gets an adult business needs to be overhauled and enforced correctly."

George Kuykendall says it's a process that should have begun much sooner.