Man finds shocking journal while cleaning Memphis home

A Memphis man was shocked to find a journal detailing the rapes of young children inside a home he was cleaning.

The journal was found in the 900 block of Faxon.  Tommy Fowler was cleaning out the house for a real estate company a few days ago when he discovered loose pages of notebook paper on a couch.

"I picked them up and started reading," he said, adding he could not believe what he read.

"He was talking about stuff he did to young girls," he said, "raping them."

The papers describe six and nine year old girls.  The writer, who calls himself Joel, claims he raped them.  He writes the girls lived with his girlfriend.

"He mentioned about raping them, and they told their Mom that night. They got beat," Fowler said.

Beat, the papers say, by the girlfriend, who did not believe the girls. The man also writes he told the girls they couldn't get away, and that he was going to rape them over and over. The writer says he was attracted to the girls. He also claims the girls enticed him as well.

After finding the papers, Fowler called the police.

"We're trying to determine who these papers belong to, and who the victim might be," said Sgt. Vince Higgins, spokesperson for the Memphis Police Department. "We're working with other agencies as well to try to determine that; to try to see if they have any cases that might match up."

Fowler, the father of three young children, said what he read gives him nightmares.  "The first thing you think about is your kids," he said. "You put yourself in that shoe. It's hard to talk about."

Fowler also found photos of young children in the house, but said they were not pornographic. It has not been determined if the children in the pictures are the ones the sex journal writer was referring to.  Memphis police and the FBI said they would continue to investigate.